Vehicle Driveability Solutions is a Whyalla based automotive diagnostic service with a personal commitment to customers.

We strive to stay abreast of the evolving changes to the automotive industry and technical advancements in engine management.

We’re committed to helping you, and getting your car running smoothly and back on the road. All vehicles catered for.

If you wish to discuss your vehicle concerns please do not hesitate to contact us on 0411 798 796 or send us a message on the contact page and we’ll get back to you within one business day.



we guarantee the accuracy & quality of our work

  • The customer doesn’t pay a cent until we complete a thorough diagnosis and recommendation for repair. We can document all our findings with notes, photos, and sometimes a video camera if the issue is unusual.
  • If our initial diagnosis is incorrect (rare, but we are all human), we will perform the diagnosis again FOR FREE. Lost labour time and parts costs due to an incorrect diagnosis are NOT covered by Vehicle Driveability Solutions.
  • If the recommended repair is completed by a third party, Vehicle Driveability Solutions cannot be held responsible for an improper repair. If a problem still exists after the recommended repair is complete, we will gladly take another look at the vehicle. However, if we find that the repair was completed improperly, or that the replacement part is defective, a separate diagnostic charge will apply.

The diagnostic process often requires test driving the vehicle and partial disassembly to gain access to electronic components or wiring.

VDS will perform the necessary work and return the vehicle to the customer as it was prior to beginning any work.



Intermittent Problems:

Labor Policy

Very often vehicles exhibit problems intermittently. The problem might happen once a day, once a week, once a month…maybe only a few times a year! Issues like this are understandably very difficult to track down.

If you are contacting Vehicle Driveability Solutions to look at an intermittent issue, it is crucial that you keep the following points in mind to maximise the chances for a successful diagnosis:

Make specific notes of when the issue is most likely to occur. For example, we might ask the owner:

  • How often does the problem occur?
  • When did you first notice the problem?
  • Were any repairs done prior to the start of the problem?
  • Does the problem occur when…
    • the engine is cold or warmed up?
    • cruising on the highway or idling in town?
    • accelerating or decelerating?
    • turning left or right?
    • it’s wet or cold or hot outside?

To complete a 100% accurate diagnosis, WE MUST be able to reproduce the problem.

If we cannot reproduce the problem within the first hour, we will not proceed further unless the customer requests further testing. The customer will be billed for one hour labour, with a diagnosis “no problems found at this time”.

We can still provide a general recommendation based on the described symptoms, history codes stored in the vehicle computer, and available Technical Service Bulletins. However, we would strongly encourage the customer to wait until the issue gets worse, at which point it will be easier to track down at a later date (separate diagnosis fee will apply).